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PASER d.o.o.
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Our company is engaged in the production of paper plates with and without printing and our main mission is to create products that and also live in harmony with nature and also meet the demands of modern market.

In accordance with the new EU regulations that take effect in 2021 (the Law on the Prohibition of Single Plastic Products) we want to contribute to the development of ecological awareness. Accordingly, we are able to offer biodegradable paper plates in several sizes and shapes.

Apart from ordinary plates, which can be produced in several shapes and sizes, our offer includes our recognizable brand, so we produce plates with our unique design. On top of that and we also offer personalization for all shapes and sizes.


The goal of the company is to create elegant, thoughtful and sustainable everyday products.

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Do you have a suggestion or advice that you would like to share with us, would you like to ask a question regarding some of our product or manufacturing process? Do you want to contact us for improvement of business cooperation? Whatever the reason, feel free to let us know!